About me

My name is Eddy Lammens,  I live in The Netherlands and I am 69 years (1952) although it does not seem real to me. I am biologist because of my passion for fishes and birds and I have always been able to combine business with pleasure. Because of my work I had the opportunity to travel a lot and I always held freedom and independence in high esteem. Doing that a camper was a logical choice to facilitate me in that respect. Moreover in the Scandinavian countries you can camp wild and then you can combine all these things with each other. 

I am a thinker but also a doer, that implies that I do not only make plans, but I also carry  them out. I am fond of lists, overview. So at some stage I designed a camper and also actually made it. This site is a comprehensive report of that process, including designing. I do that for myself and I hope to stimulate others to do so.