In my former camper I had an awning, but in the new one I postponed it as long as possible. It is a lot of money and do I really need it? It is nice to sit outside and when you have an awning on top of your head, it feels at home. It increases your living space, and you really don’t need sun or rain to feel comfortable, but of course it helps. So I decided to install one. I was aware that my solar panel could cause some problems and yes it did. First I tried a Fiamma, but the solar panel made it impossible to install it. So I returned it and tried an Omnistar for almost the same amount of money. I had to remove some parts of the ‘shoes’ of the solar panel and then I had sufficient space to install it. You have to be very precise because the awning rests on 3 holders which must be perfectly in line. So first you have to put the 2 outer holders in place, attach a very tight rope and put the third holder in line with the rope. This is extremely important, because it is almost impossible to remove the holders when they are connected with the Sika-glue.