Storage next to kitchen unit

By making a door close to the kitchen unit underneath the bed I have access to the room on top of the propane box, which can be used as storage for washing up items including basin.

Extending fuel hose


Extending the fuel hose of the heater. It is important that the fuel hose covers about three quarters of the fuel tank, in order to prevent that the heater consumes all the diesel. It was only 60% and I increased to 75% 

Roller blind in sliding door

 Because I installed a screen door in the opening of the sliding door, I had to remove the cassette of the roller blind and I installed it somewhat higher to make the window completely free 

Repairing the water reservoir

By installing the sensor for the water reservoir I had to make an opening in the upper side of the reservoir, but the sealing with the rubber ring was not perfect, because the upper side was not completely flat. I fixed it by using a sealant