The new design

It was tempting not to look right from the start for a van, even just to explore the market, what kind of quality for which prize. But serious orientation to buy a van I did not do before I was certain that I was going to build a campervan. At the start I did not know how the design would look like and I had no idea of the tools I needed and what my working schedule would be. I also knew too little of electricity, so I needed a moment for go or no-go. I needed to have sufficient faith that I would have a chance to succeed. I did not need to know all the details but I did need the outline. 
I made sketches with ruler, pencil and paper, but it did not really make me happy. To inspire myself I watched many movies on You Tube made by people who succeeded to perform the successive stages of building a campervan and who showed what materials and tools they needed. Furthermore there is a lot of information given by the various camperfora and several books have been published how to build your own camper. The very first step for me was a good design. One of the movies on You Tube showed a 3-dimensional drawing which was made by the program Sketchup. For me this was the breakthrough. It took me some time to master the program and then I was able to make the 3-dimensional design as I figured it, accurate to the mm. This was the most important step, I knew how the camper should look like and now it was only a matter of execution.