The Sides

The windows. The most striking difference at the outside is the mounting of the windows to the left at the sitting corner and at the right in the sliding door. Further 2 windows in the backdoors and a window in the roof. I have chosen fixed transparent windows (apart from the top window) as they are more beautiful and I seldom open the windows in the other camper. Usually the sliding door and/or top window are opened. If it is very hot and a lot of insects are present I can mount a mosquito net in the opening of the backdoors. This works satisfactory. Esthetically I prefer these windows to the hinged windows as the latter give the impression of pimples. Mounting these windows is relatively easy as they are made specifically for this van and they fit perfectly. From the inside it is clear which line you have to cut.

Entrance electricity and water. For electricity and water a filler cap and 230V socket have been installed. Every time it is exciting to make holes in the outside wall, as it is irreversible and has to be perfect in one go. Measuring very often, considering the supporting beams and taking care that both entrances are on the same height and not cross. 


Intake fresh air and exhaust pipe of the diesel heater. For these pipes holes have to be drilled in the floor, and the exhaust pipe has to be covered with a heat protecting socket.

Exit pipes for the clean and dirty water tank. For both pipes exit holes have been made in the floor. Always take care that no supporting beam is in the way

Bottom passage for leaking propane. In the propane box a hole in the floor has been made to give the more heavy propane the opportunity to escape in case of leakage. Not visible in the picture 

On top

The solar panel. For the passage of the cabels a hole in the roof has been made, which is covered by a cap, glued and sealed to prevent water coming in. The panel itself has been fixed by 4 corner holders, fixed with special glue. Selftapping screws fix the panel to the holders.

The top window. The window can be opened at 3 levels and either be closed by a mosquito net or darkening panel