View from the cabine

The insight has already been described in great detail, showing that the kitchen unit and toilet are directly connected to the bed and that the  the sitting corner adjoins the toilet. In the latter the Lagune table can if necessary positioned in such a way that both kitchen and chairs can be served. I have had all curtains made to measure. The ceiling has been made of 5mm thick slats which I sawed out of 7.5 cm beams, 3 m long. All wood has been protected against discoloration.

New are the IXXI-plates that I put against the walls because of color technical reasons. That I have chosen birds is because of my passion for these descendants of the dinosaurs. The bed takes a lot space, but underneath and on top of it there is a lot of storage space. That is the reason the bed is that high. Pay attention to the colors which make the inside more vivid. A part of the storage space is used to put away the propane tanks and the battery including accessories.

Kitchen unit

The kitchen unit with refrigerator and drawers. Underneath I put the waste water tank and on top the gas burners and the sink. The water tap operates with a pressure pump and the gas is propane. The refrigerator is compression and therefore dependent on the battery.  I have had the drawers 

 made to measure. The metal parts which were not covered by wood I covered with needle felt. I mounted 7 led-lights underneath the cupboards.

The sitting corner

The sitting corner with Lagune table to be mounted at two different positions. The 80 ltr water tank is located within the sitting place and can be approached from inside for inspection, cleaning or emptying the tank. The toilet room can be opened by a door at the front and a cover on top. Two swivel seats are of course part of this area and shown in the next picture

View from the bed

View of the cabine which has been closed by curtains. The swivel seats are indispensable. Windows can be darkened by roller blinds. The transition of the former loading cargo space to the cabine has a height difference of 20 cm, which can be used to accommodate the heater, the waterpump, pipes and electric wires.