The execution continued

The water system

More important than heating is the water supply. Of course you can keep it simple and take 5 liter bottles, but that is not very practical. Water from a large tank and using a pomp and tap is more convenient. Read further ..

The dirty water tank

I made the choice to put the dirty water tank underneath the kitchen unit because this is the most practical solution if there is enough room. Read further ..

The kitchen unit

The kitchen unit consists of three layers, on top the stove and sink, in the middle the refrigerator and kitchen drawers and below the dirty water tank. Read further ..

Partition between bed and living area

I wanted to keep the space within the camper as open as possible and keep the different units at the same level, that is, ca. 90 cm. Read further …

The toilet room

The toilet room is the transition from bed to sitting area and makes a straight line with the storage space below the bed and the sitting area. In my former camper the toilet was part of the bathroom including the washbasin and shower. Read further …

The sitting area

The base for the bench is the formwork around the water tank, on which at 2 locations a Lagune table can be mounted and which is provided with cushions. Read further ..

The lights

Above toilet, sitting area, kitchen unit and bed 2 Watt led lights have been installed underneath the cupboards. Read further …

The curtains

It is possible to purchase tailored pleated blinds for the cabine, but I preferred because of esthetical reasons ring curtains. Read further ..


The accessibility of the storage room underneath the bed

When the bed parts are folded down, the storage space is still accessible through doors at the backside and a door in one of the side walls. To make these doors it was necessary to take out the complete panel. Read further ..

The colours

I was afraid that using so much wood would give the impression of a Finnish sauna. Therefore I painted the cupboards, wall and floor and choose colours for the curtains which fitted to the typical birch wood colour, that is to say shades of green and ochre. Read further …