The kitchen unit

The kitchen unit consists of three layers, on top the stove and sink, in the middle the refrigerator and kitchen drawers and below the dirty water tank. I made the choice for a compression refrigerator, because it was not possible to realize sufficient ventilation for an adsorption refrigerator, which can use both 12V and 230V and also has an option for propane. The compression refrigerator is completely dependent on the battery and as long there is sun, my solar panel is sufficient to prevent depletion of the battery when camping in the wild. The kitchen drawers are tailored and before I installed the sink and stove I made a template to be sure that I would not ruin the oak kitchen worktop. 

Dometic refrigerator

With freezer compartment  and seperate settings inside 

I made a mold to be sure that the proportions were ok and that sink and stove fitted well.

Sink, tap and stove mounted on a 2,7 cm oak kitchen worktop with 5  lacquer layers to prevent warping. With a router I finished the edges.

3 kitchen drawers

The size of the sink and drainage hose forced me to use three different sizes of drawers: 25, 35 en 45 cm. Mounting the drawers is precision work, but gives a lot of satisfaction when succeeded.