The sitting area

The base for the bench is the formwork around the water tank, on which at 2 locations a Lagune table can be mounted and which is provided with cushions. In the wall below the window 2 sockets, 12V and 230V are mounted and also the control panels of the heater and the water level in clean and dirty water tank. The Lagune table can be adjusted in height and sideways and also turns around its axis. In this way this table can function as side table of the kitchen top. The two chairs in the cabine have turntables and can therefore be made part of the sitting area. 

The formwork around the water tank  

The Lagune table which can be positioned in many ways  

The bench with cushions and extra mounting plate for the Lagune table.

The driver's seat can be turned 180 degrees because of the turning table.

Led lights mounted below the cupboards.

Two seperate chairs on turning tables make the sitting area  more comfortable.

The back cushion is fixed with Velcro strap.

Cigarette lighter socket, which is also working when the contact is off. I have 2 USB-sockets (12V), but for some tools you still need a cigarette lighter socket, such as laptop and converter. Therefore I mounted an extra socket suitable for this kind of plug. This is an heritage from the past, these cigarette lighter sockets.