The toilet room

The toilet room is the transition from bed to sitting area and makes a straight line with the storage space below the bed and the sitting area. In my former camper the toilet was part of the bathroom including the washbasin and shower. The latter two were hardly used and therefore not in proportion to the space they took. In 8 years the shower has never been used and the washbasin can easily be replaced by the sink in the kitchen unit. 

The toilet room has the same level as bed and kitchen unit. The top part can be opened as a flap to be able to sit comfortably

It is on the same line as the storage cases and the bench

The (hinged) top flap

A Thetford Porta-Potti with collecting reservoir below and rinsing water at the top. 

The door can be folded through a piano hinge because of practical reasons.   The toilet has been immobilized by a wooden ring on the floor.