Insulation and cabling

Floor, walls and ceiling are relatively easy to insulate. On the floor and ceiling make space for 2 cm thick insulation material, on the walls for ca. 6 cm (because of the thick ribs). Therefore I choose for floor and ceiling 2 cm Armaplex and Xtrem and 6 cm  sheep’s wool for the walls. As cables I choose neoprene 2-wire (12V) and 3-wire (230V) because of the vulnerability, and the thickness varied from 1,5 to 6 mm2. On the electricity page I will explain more what choices I made considering the thickness and how I proceeded.

Slats prevent that the insulation will be compressed 

Insulated floor, slats covered with alutape. Electric cables connected with  tieraps to ribs or running through the larger ribs

Walls have been insulated with sheep's wool and ceiling with Xtreme.  Here the bottom plate is put on top of the insulation. The driver's seat and bench are still prsent. It is possible to install a turning table for the bench, however, it makes the accessibility from cabine to living area restricted. It is a choice, mainly financially