The bed 

The bed takes almost half of the available space in a L2H2-van, therefore you have to use the space below the bed as efficient as possible. That space is large considering a height of 90 cm. I used the space for electricity (battery, fuses, monitor, distribution blocks, charger, cables), propane tanks and storage room for everything. It is important that the accessibility is no problem, I solved that by hinged walls and a separate door in the side wall.

As base for the bed there are 2 90 cm high storage cases. The left case is a boarding of the (protected) electricity compartment with storage area for all kind of things.   The accessibility is secured by hinged walls. 

The right case under construction.  Here the propane tanks will be stored.

The 2 storage cases opened showing the extra storage room and 2 rods sustaining the bedpanels when folded down  

Both bed panels folded down.