The cupboards

Just below the ceiling there is room for cupboards. In order to make these you have to make sure you can attach them. The ribs in the top corner of the van are suitable to fix small 12 mm plates with rivet nuts. Mister Kreg is here also very helpful when mounting the sidewalls of the cupboards. For the doors surface-mounted hinges are ideal, although it requires a lot of precision work. 

In the left- and right upper corner  of the van the support beams are excellent places to attach planks with rivet nuts. 

These planks acted to support the cupboards. 

With Kreg-connections sidewalls were secured to the planks and to which the walls of the cupboards were connected.  

The doors were connected with surface mounted hinges. For the wall I used 9 mm birch plywood.  

The corners of the cupboards were covered with rubber strips for esthetic reasons, but also to lessen the pain when you bump your head.