The Van

I wanted a manoeuvrable van, wide enough to make a bed at the rear end, high enough to be able to stand straight up and long enough to make next to the bed a kitchen unit, a toilet and a sitting area. That is all you need. Moreover it would be practical to be able to park at any parking place and to maneuver easily. For me the ideal van was the L2H2 of Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer and Citro├źn Jumper. When making the design my starting point was the size of the cargo area of these vans which are almost identical considering the hull.

I did not need per se a new van, but second hand and not much more than 200.000 km on the odometer, no complicated loading area and an adequate floor. The chance to find a van with 2 separate chairs is nihil, therefore you will have to buy separate chairs and turntables. That will create a lot of extra space when removing the partition between cargo area and cabine. It is expensive but worth the while. It was tempting not to look for a van straight away, but at that moment I did not know what the design would be and how I would proceed. Moreover I knew too little about electricity, so there had to be a point of go or no-go. I need to have sufficient faith that I could do it. I did not need to know all the details but I needed to know the outline.

Fiat Ducato L2H2