Walls, ceiling and windows

To make nice walls the most easy job is to purchase plates which are tailored for your specific van, although it will be relatively expensive. However, you will be rewarded for that, because it is easy finish them off  and you will have no problems with parts that have to be connected and to find the places where to put the screws. For the ceiling I used slats, as they are much more easy to fasten than plates and also more nice to see, but that is a matter of taste. Windows which are tailored for this type of van, can be fitted easily and they form a perfect whole. They give extra work considering making windows frames and curtains, but it looks better and more beautiful. However, that is also a matter of taste. 

On top of the insulated walls a 5.5 mm tailered plate is connected with screws to the ribs made by specialized company. Recesses are made for the windows. 

Tailored plates for de backdoors with recesses for the windows. On top of the uncovered metal parts I will glue needle felt. 

A ceiling made of 5 mm slats, 3 m long, 7.5 cm wide,   sawn out of beams and connected with screws to the ribs. Notice the electricity cables.

To the left and in the sliding door transparent windows are installed,   as well as in the backdoors, and a skylight in the ceiling. The wheel arches are covered by a formwork and electricity cables are provided with labels (ducttape) to indicate the specific end users.