Jigsaw, cordless drill and Kreg-connections

Apart from these saws a jigsaw is absolutely necessary. For the more subtle curves I used a very thin saw with rectanguar saw teeth, which produced a clean cut. Also for making holes in the outside wall for water intake and electricity I used the jigsaw. A light cordless drill is indispensable for drilling and screwing, in particular when making Kreg-connections. All right angle connections of 12 mm plates were made by Kreg-connections. On the internet there are many instructions to show how these connections are made by the Kreg-device (see references). In one part holes are made with a special Kreg-drill and with specific Kreg-screws the connection is made with the other part. Without this device the camper conversion would have been different. The advantage is that a frame is not necessary and therefore you need less room and waste less time. I would recommend it to everybody