Plunge saw, mini circular saw, mills and multitool

Apart from the table saw and the crosscut saw I used a plunge saw and a mini circular saw. The latter I needed to cut pieces out of the floor and wall when making holes in the bottom and outside wall of the van. Later I found out that a multitool equipped with a saw blade (see below) is a better alternative. For making round holes I used a set of round saws which will be discussed below. The plunge saw is ideal if you need to saw an unmanageable plate. The saw ‘runs’ through a ruler which is kept to its place by rough material underneath. It saves a lot of time because you don’t have to place a guide with clamps and calculate the exact line. For more subtle woodworking I used routers. To connect plates horizontally with each other I used a 6 mm mill to make exact rectangular holes opposite to each other to be connected by dowels and a lot of wood glue. This was a perfect method to connect the plates horizontally. The edges of the plates were rounded by a special router head, which I tested several times in different positions to find out what was best rounding. For the table and kitchen worktop I used a router head which made an angle of 450 degrees.

The multitool

With the multitool it is possible to make a cut in a very small area when precision is needed. Very suitable to cut out squares or to make a slot.