The materials

As basic material I have chosen 12 mm birch plywood. Not only it is very strong, it has also a beautiful soft wood colour. I treated it with 4 layers of Trae Lyx, in order to preserve the wood colours. It is used for the bed, the kitchen unit, the toilet compartment, the sitting area and the floor. Only for the cupboards I used 9mm birch plywood. Below you will find an almost complete list of articles classified as components


2 seperate chairs 

2 turntables

Xtrem 2cm, sheep’s wool 6 cm, Armaplex 2 cm

Walls and ceiling: 
Plywood 5.5 mm, walls and back doors, especially made for Fiat Ducato L2H2
305cm long, 7,5cm wide and 5mm  thick,slats sawn out of beams for the ceiling

Transparant fixed windows in the wall(front), sliding door and backdoors especially for Fiat Ducato L2H2

Roof window Seitz miniheki

8 x 12mm birch plywood 244x122cm 

2 x  9mm birch plywood 244x122cm 
 Trae Lyx

Piano hinges


1,5, 2,5 en 6mm2 neopreen cables 

25mm2 battery cables, red and black 

150 Ah deep cycle gel battery 12V 

Victron blue smart charger 15A 

Automatic fuse 100A 

Wall input socket (230V) 

Distribution panel for fuses + 15 and 40A fuses 

Red and black distribution rails 2xM6 10xM4 

Victron accumonitor 

Victron cyrix 

100A fuse 

2 sockets 230V
 2 sockets 12V 

7 surface mounted ledspots

Dpd-fusebox for 230V 

180W solar panel daylight +charge controller

Autoterm air 2D (planar) including accessories

Pressure regulator + gas hose 

8mm copper  tubes
 Brass compression fitting
 Shutoff coupling

Gas detector


Water tap 

80 liter clean water tank 

80 liter dirty water tank 

Water level meter for both tanks 

10mm hoses 

Water pump 

Expansion vessel 

Water filter 

Angled and straight tank transit 

Drain valve
Kitchen unit:

Dometic crx-50 compression refrigerator 

Oak kitchen work top 1500x620x27mm 

Sigmavar lacquer 

Reginox RSV sink 

Drain hose with washers

3 kitchen drawers Blum Antaro 

2 burner stove Can PV 1351


2 10cm mattresses tailored 

8mm mattress mesh 140x200

Thetford Porta Potti 565E


Tailored cushions for bench 

Lagune table + extra support rod

4 roller blinds 

2 pleated curtains + rail 

Screen curtain for backdoors

Silk gloss sigma paint for floor and walls
 Upholstery cupboards and metal parts:

Adhesive film
 Needle felt